Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the Long Island Roadsters news section and recently re-launched website. We have added much more features and completely updated the design. Some of the features include a news section, a club calendar, a gallery, and communications board.

Our new members section now shows a list of our current members with a snapshot of their car along with their Email address and club position. Upon clicking a specific member you are brought to a more personalized page including pictures of the members car.

The club calendar shows all the listed events that the Long Island Roadsters will be participating in and a snap-shots view of the event. Upon clicking a specific event you are taken to a more detailed page regarding the event including times, details and driving directions.

Our gallery contains multiple sub-galleries including members cars, shows, events and other club functions. When a gallery is updated it is also instantly updated on the website. For example when new member car pictures are uploaded to their respective sub-gallery, the members personal page instantly updates and includes those new pictures.

Last but not least we have added a Communications Board also known as a forum. Our new forum allows members to make public posts that can be read and replied to by other members.While emails are always a great tool, a public forum allows other users on the internet to view and also make posts. It is a great way for our members to communicate with other car enthusiasts around the world. Among some of the categories on our communications board one pertains to sales. Allowing our members to post items they have recently put up for sale also broadening the scope of possible buyers.

We hope you enjoy our new website and all the features it has to offer and also would like to thank you for stopping by. If you have an old roadster and are interested in joining the Long Island Roadsters make a post on our communications board or email one of the existing members.